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cord-clamping.com article – Birth plan for delayed cord clamping


~ Planned hospital water birth with physiological third stage second time mother (Australia)

~ Birth story–delayed cord clamping, a hospital first – (USA)

~ Planned Homebirth – avoiding the rush to cut the cordfirst time mother (USA)

~ Natural hospital birthfirst time mother, natural third stage, delayed cord clamping (Australia)

~ Cutting the nuchal cord – second baby, midwife cut tight nuchal cord before birth (Australia)

~ Birth experience – cutting the cord before birth (USA)

~ Birth story– ‘woman-centred’ emergency c-section with delayed clamping (UK)

Please feel welcome to share your birth plan and/or birth story on this site.

Share your story of:

  • lotus birth
  • delayed cord clamping
  • immediate cord clamping
  • surgical birth and delayed clamping
  • nuchal cords
  • complications with umbilical cord/ placenta
  • twins and multiples

To submit or receive assistance to draft/ format story, please email giftedbirth@gmail.com

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