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Birth plan for delayed cord clamping

Immediate and premature clamping of the baby’s umbilical cord is a ritual performed in many hospitals across the globe. Premature clamping became standard clinical practice without evidence and without regard/ understanding of the physiological changes in the baby in the first few minutes after birth. There is no scientific evidence that supports immediate clamping in vaginal or cesarean birth. For those interested … Continue reading

Cord around the neck – what parents & practitioners should know

This article shares information about the common practice of checking for a nuchal cord during the second stage of labour, and unlooping or cutting the cord – interventions that are not evidence-based and can cause birth trauma. ********Updated Jan, 2012: This article focuses on theories and evidence where routine interventions associated with nuchal cord may be … Continue reading

Birth experience–cutting the cord before birth

This mother shares how her son’s umbilical cord was cut before his shoulders were born. After doing her own research, she decides what her care-provider did was not evidence-based. *** When I was pregnant I did everything right to give my baby the best possible chance for a safe, natural birth. I researched like crazy, hired a doula, … Continue reading


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